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“There was a farming couple who could only earn enough to eat despite their hard work all year around. They gave birth to twin boys, managed to get their children to school even though they were truly needy. When the two boys were 10, the couple got an infectious disease and passed away."

The two brothers became orphans living on the help from neighbors. They advised each other to work hard and attempted to keep up their study until they were 15. After that, they discussed and decided to leave their hometown. They went in different directions to find livelihoods because it would be difficult to get out of poverty if staying at the hometown.

15 years later, they returned to meet each other on the death anniversary of their parents.

The elder brother had become a doctor working for a big hospital in the city. He had got married with a pretty 2-year-old son, and a private house.

The younger brother was an addict, appearing in a gaunt and emaciated figure, suffering from illnesses, having no house, wife or child.

The doctor elder brother was asked, “How did you become the person you are today?”

He replied, “So what do you expect from a child like me at that time?”

The ill addict younger brother was asked, “How did you become the person you are today?”

He replied, “What do you expect from a child like me at that time?””

That’s the story about two people who were born under the same circumstance yet had different lives due to different perceptions and wills to live.

The above story proves that the attitude and perception of each person of their living circumstances and conditions are extremely important.

Our lives are formed by our own consciousness and perceptions.

This book consists of stories and images that we have collected from our lives, our real experiences from which we have learned something, things we enjoyed, things we saw or heard by ourselves, things that we did and noted to share with readers. We truly expect that you readers will become aware of how you are and find the way to create your own happiness.

Everyone born in this life has to go through more or less states of life and countless happiness, sadness or sorrow. It’s the living attitude of each person that decides the beauty in his or her eyes.

Everyone pursues happiness although the destinations vary and the journeys to happiness are also different. If we define destinations to orientate our lives, determine on reaching them, think to be creative and successful, and never give up our dreams, despite how many difficulties we face, the journeys to realize our dreams will bring us beautiful feelings when we step by step get close to our destinations.

Happiness will come when we know how to dream and share those dreams with other people.

They’re the happiness in our hearts and the happiness which is shared that create sustainable values for families and the society.

Ho Chi Minh city, June 2017

Mr. Happy – Do Huong


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