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Happy Stories In America (English Version)

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 About Happy Stories In America

I’ve found true happiness for myself and have a happy family. We lack nothing. And I’ve thought everything would be sustainable within my house’s fence. Until one day, it was my neighbor's problems that destroyed all peace and happiness of my family.

I’ve begun to care about neighbors and found one thing: The happiness of one person can help the happiness of others, one family’s happiness makes the happiness of other families, and the happiness of one country helps the happiness of other countries.

I started to build a happy community and focus on projects that bring happiness to the community, projects that do not harm natural resources or sustainable values. I clean up old projects, projects that offer temporary values. My ideas may come from Viet Nam, but certainly for global growth they must grow from the United States.

I choose the United States to start my projects: HappyBank solves the financial problems, HappyBook is the digital publishing platform that helps people make money from their content, and HappyZen Meditation helps everyone know how to live with peace of mind and happiness.

In my eyes the United States has a lot of beautiful pictures that I've seen everywhere, from a traffic police to those who I’ve just met and casually sitting next to me in some public place... I think, it's their behavior and American’s good habits have made great things in this country.

America plays an important role in building the world’s peace and happiness. Look into their variety of roles, from technology, finance or military, we find that the United States is assuming a great responsibility.

I’ve had 30 days in the United States, from the west coast to the east, living in cities with the local people, working with the Wall Street financiers and feel the breath of the country.

A wonderful country built on the sacrifice of its ancestors, of past, present and future creatures. The price of freedom and happiness for Americans is enormous that generations have built and handed over as promises of continuing commitments.

Through vivid images of 30 days living and working in America, I hope to help you readers understand more about feelings of Vietnamese and Americans, among Vietnamese compatriots in the US, the startup community. Maybe you will find somewhere in the book your own simple happiness.

Mr. Happy (Pham Phong)


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