Letter to Mark

Dear Mark,


When I was a kid, I was always the top student in my class. I'm not only good at studying, but also good at sports, arts and culture. To do that, I had to study a lot, exercise a lot.


Being rich but studying well is not enough, I turned into a poor person who studied well by making money on my own from the 7th grade so that I could take care of my studies and buy my own books. In the summer of 7th grade, I was beaten up by my mother for ruining the family's reputation, smearing my family for daring to sell lottery tickets. My mother is a timber trader and I told her that she should find another business, because if she keeps logging like this, the forest will end, floods and disasters will come. That sentence made me get slapped in the face by my mother.


In order not to be forced into my family's culture, I live independently in my own world. When the teacher taught me to solve the problem one way, I went another way because there is nothing interesting in solving the problem according to the existing one. That's why there is a story when I was in high school, a 9th grader like me just got into 10th grade and solved the math problem of the university exam by 6 ways of applying the knowledge of grades 8, 9, 10.


One of the biggest mistakes that affects my creativity is reading too many manuals, and learning quickly. By the time I entered university, I couldn't stand the teaching of the Lecturers who were like robots with Motorola messengers attached to them. I left university and was self-taught. College for me was a dream with a lot of excitement but then became the place I feared the most, a place like human hell, because so many students who entered the school became robots who knew how to work for a salary. It is the place that kills the creativity of many students.

I left university.


In 2000, I started a startup with the idea of ​​Iportal digital transformation for 1 company, 1 province, and one country, but everyone I met, when I shared my ideas and work, they laughed at me. Even friends and relatives prevented me, to the point that I did not dare to start a business in a place with the largest market in Vietnam. So I chose to return to a suburban province 120km away, because if it fails, it doesn't ruin a larger market.


Until 2006 was the peak year of TITAN CORP, just 1 step on the stock exchange and I could become a millionaire as planned, but I found that selling computers and gadgets did not bring any meaning to life.


Buying a computer and then selling it for a profit doesn't make any sense to me. That cash flow flows to the product creators abroad, the profit left is very little. I decided to change the model from commerce and service to looking for a new startup model that brings sustainable value to the community.


I spent 3 years meditating and re-positioning my life and work. I started to return to work on September 12, 2012 but after 3 years I re-integrated and started participating in the Facebook social network on October 26, 2015 by creating "HAPPY PEOPLE COMMUNITY". HAPPYGROUP", with community activities such as:



  • Happytalk - sharing of speakers with members on weekends,

  • Happytime - sharing time between members of countries to help each other be happier,

  • HappyZen - meditation for happiness,

  • Happybook - sharing happy stories.


And from this Facebook community have launched startups like:


  • HappyZen was born in 2016

  • HappyBook was born in 2017

  • Artbank was born in 2019

  • Givebank was born in 2019

  • HappyZen Farm,

  • HappyHill was born in 2020



I used to be an anti-Facebook about too much trash and hidden risks to life. But then I realized that using Facebook for connections, sharing values ​​has really brought happiness that spreads quickly. That has helped 1800 members from all over the world to meet, share and bond together to do work that brings happiness to the community.


And to this day, those values ​​are accepted by the community, all members are worthy of being rewarded with Happycoin. The birth of Happycoin symbolizes the happiness coin as a sustainable value ecosystem that changes the happy world.


Last night on October 4, 2021, the entire Facebook system could not be accessed, but my members and I always thought it was a small Facebook problem and we woke up in the morning and reconnected.


I am Mr. Happy, on behalf of 1800 Happiers members worldwide, I would like to thank Mark, thank Facebook for giving us the opportunity to meet and share values. And today we can give each other Happycoins as a morale booster, and use it for valuable ecosystems in people's lives around the planet.


I have faith that the facebook user community will use it for learning, living and doing business in a sustainable connected ecosystem, bringing happiness to people on this earth with a smile is also the symbol of Happycoin.


Wish you and your family happiness, and Facebook will always develop sustainably in the future!



Mr. Happy (Bill Pham)


Founder/President at HAPPYGROUP

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