The crypto wave swept through Vietnam in 2016, 2017 made many people suffer, but there are also many people who get richer in a year. Some earn a few tens of billions, some earn a few hundred billion, some earn a few trillion. Many people quit their main jobs, some quit their businesses, and some quit their jobs to pursue this wave.

It can be said that starting from onecoin, then there are many other coins following the multi-level model. Vietnam is considered as the most easy-to-follow country with a strong multi-level team. Those who enter the first rounds often win big. There are many lucky people who jumped over Bitcoin in time when Bitcoin prices were cheap in the early 2016s.

I know of one person who has a predestined relationship for 10 years. An observer is a sharp, capable base person. An art investor, once a well-known director, with a strong personality who always held his views and position before all the scenes. He always had a heated argument, pointing out right and wrong, or respect for anyone. Live an independent life, with no wives and children, no family.

After a while, he appeared and invited me to invest in onecoin, but I did not have time to care about these models.

Some time later I was invited to his house to play, he showed off and finished a villa in District 9 and bought some real estate. Thanks to Bitcoin, it is so easy for bitcoin to buy and sell bitcoins like,,,, and earn hundreds of billions of dong. It is also a good thing, making legitimate money, it is normal to make money.

Through conversation, he just wants to hide about personal enjoyment and not attend any business or investment. According to him, it is difficult to create a valuable film when the market everyone wants to see entertainment. And investing in a serious work is not good for nothing. Stop at the age of U40, put money in the bank, sit in BTC, travel around the world, real estate is for rent, it is the dream life of many people.

But after leaving, inside I feel sad. By the way people become successful, they immediately clam and enjoy personal. They can ignore everything, they do not care about the country, nor look to the future for future generations. It is selfish and lacking in progress. Because of this thinking and attitude, our country is like today and our children are like today. Remember the time you went to Netherlands, went to Amsterdam airport, asked the security guards to ask you for your passport, showed the green Vietnamese passport, then turned right into the queue, and of Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, England, Japan. , Korea goes straight to check in. When traveling, you have to prove your financial resources, to study abroad, also to prove your financial status, to prove how people find themselves going back and forth, not escaping to stay, then burdening their country. That national humiliation. People have the belief that precious, living in the world, after all the peoples also create trust for each other. And yet, the belief that they threw in the trash was no different from a female sanitary pad.

No matter how bad his father, my parents are. They have inferiority or lack of progressive thinking, they have no leading ability to make us miserable, unhappy, so that we do not bundle into rotten packages and throw them back into the past or discharge to the current beach. No man behaves the same way. The man who perceives right and wrong, responsibility and tolerance then engages in the nation-building process. Going to four continents to observe what international friends do, what we lose, what is strong, what is weak, then we have the idea to start a business, to create a business, create a good job. solve some problems in society, in the country. That's progressive thinking, that's the right thing to do. When a country is civilized, creative, many large economic groups, producing many products, technology ... the whole world needs it, the country does not open the gate for entry, passport stronger only, want to go is a book Flight ticket, want to go home is rushing to come, but there is nothing to be asked, everything would be asked, everywhere would be asked, whatever you would like, to thank you please do as beggars.

Trader is an interesting job, can make money anywhere, can trade coins, exchange rates, trade gold, ... this job requires acumen and market analysis, sometimes lucky many people. get rich quick. But make a lot of money and use it in a meaningful way.If you don't want to do business, invest in startups, invest in valuable projects or participate in hedge funds. fit.

In this way, life can be meaningful, happy, whether it succeeds or not, at least its future generations are proud of their grandparents and parents dare to perform, dare to sacrifice, dare to take risks. Dear, dare to fail. Only in this way will the country become stronger, and will children benefit.



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