Cry To Find Relief

Today, I witnessed the nearly absolute belief of a woman being smashed to smithereens. And I saw that pains were all the same.

I could only hold her hands without saying anything.

Wishing cannot change a nature.

I know that when I feel something uninteresting, when I feel upset, joyful, wretched or happy, other people may not feel the same.

No one lives in the circumstance, mood or feeling of anyone else.

We are not alike.

I know that there are pains which can’t be uttered, or turned into tears to get the relief despite the feeling of choking in the hearts and minds.

And I also know that everyone has their hidden happiness, sadness or pain.

But I still wish, if only every pain can turn into tears.

So emotions are released.

Sometimes I see this life has nothing to trust, but in order to energize my life, I remind me that there will be surprises that I don’t know and haven’t known.

            I enjoy life in a colorful way, so I feel so much happy if having chance to learn and to live as I want.

Sometimes, I was lazy and found me confused in a vague feeling about what I should do and should not do. I was bewildered between indulging superficialities such as my temporary pleasure pastimes and following the orientation of reason. Eventually, the laziness and hesitation turned out to help me remain the way I was as though someone invisible had kept me go and live the right way and not waste time for things inappropriate to me.

Everyone goes through moments of weakness when being young as a price for growing up. The difference is that how long those moments last, more or less experiences are gained, they are helpful or make no change.

What doesn’t belong to you will easily drift away.

The public recognition has no meaning to my happiness and soul. Therefore, even when already spending many years on mastering a profession, getting into every corner of it and being highly appreciated for my professional knowledge, I will still step out of the halo and comfortably stretch my shoulders as if waking up after a long sleep if I feel it is no longer appropriate with my dream living style.

That’s when I feel pristine to go seek for new things.

At those turning points, everyone has happiness and sadness. Sometimes, they can cry; sometimes, not.

I felt that life was more interesting after letting go of things as if losing everything. I felt that I had gains because my life was not flavorless and I did not have to endure what I did not like.

Experiences of loss and pain don’t freeze your emotions yet keep you more awake in the long journey of life. You will see them precious even when you are tired because they can give you strength to stand up.

Not a valuable thing in this world is gained without a trade-off.

The thing is whether we know how to make choice, know where we are and be able to find things which are worthy and suitable for us or not.

Life keeps flowing. Our intelligence and knowledge turns towards the light. Wherever the sunlight reaches, that place glows. There’s only the moon that makes friend with the night. And there are nights which are completely black.

If you can cry when suffering from pain, the pain will be relieved and gradually fade away. The tears running down will gradually wear away the stone weighing onto your daily life.

Cry! Even though you can’t utter a word.

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